Motor Parts made by stamping. Hueibin Enterporise Corp has been a leader  in Motor Stamping Parts since 1976.

Hueibin Enterprise Corp is the name for quality metal stamping motor parts.


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    Stainless Steel Parts For Lathing After Stampimg            Stainless Steel Parts For Lathing After Stampimg

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               Stainless Steel Motor Cover                                                                          Motor Cover



Motor Parts

            Since 1976, Hueibin Enterprise Corporation has been one of the top motor parts manufacturers in Taiwan. Our auto stamping parts have been used by both businesses and individuals from around the world. Some of our biggest sellers include stainless steel metal stamping parts for lathing, motor covers and stainless steel motor covers. People find that ordering their motor parts from us saves them a considerable amount of money when compared to the prices that big time auto repair shops cost. Not only do you have to overpay for parts that are not customized to your vehicle, you are also putting your entire vehicle at risk just from using those parts. With us, you will never have that problem. All you have to do is send us the specifications for your parts as to the manufacturer’s guidelines and we will create it from our custom stamping parts. Motor parts are generally very specific in both size and shape. You need to do the best you can in providing us with the necessary information in order to customize your parts. If you don’t know the specifics on the parts you need then give us as much information as you can about the vehicle you need them for. We will do everything we can to figure out how to produce the necessary auto stamping parts that will work for you.

            Hueibin Enterprise Corporation uses a wide variety of metals when constructing the auto parts for our clients. We use metals such as nickel, steel, aluminum, titanium and zinc. These metals can be molded into just about any shape necessary to accommodate your auto part needs. They are also cost effective metals that makes it affordable for us to produce and affordable for you to purchase. For automobiles, metal stamping is truly the only way to create some of the many intricate components that are inside of them. Vehicles literally have thousands of small metal objects and every one of them is important for the operation of the automobile. That is why customized metal stamping has gained so much popularity around the world and the reason why you should take full advantage of it. Hueibin Enterprise Corporation only creates quality parts, which is how we achieved our ISO 9001 certification. Our manufacturing process undergoes strict quality control to ensure it meets the customers’ exact specifications. So contact us today with your auto part requirements and we will work with you to get your parts made. 

Motor Parts made by stamping in Taiwan